Aines Fernandez

Born in San Sebastián and Bachelor of Arts by the UPV university, (Universidad del País Vasco) , Aines Fernández Azanza specialized in the jewellery trade at the Escola Massana school in Barcelona.

Once she accomplished her formation she decided to open a workshop in Mundaiz 10, (Donostia), where she gave birth to her first creations and from where she started distributing her collections throughout the world. In June 2020, after 22 years dedicated to this activity, she decided to open her own shop-workshop in Iparragirre 17 (Donostia) will be complemented with an online presence as from 2021.

In order to maintain an international presence, all Aines Joyas collections are regularly presented at the most important and relevant European fairs in the sector.

The idea of movement lays behind all these signature jewels and each piece seeks to express, through a personal vision and stamp, the synergies established between themselves and those who wear them.